Portraits of a vintage car

I saw this car when we drove on Coolamon Scenic Drive off Byron Bay.

The car looks being semi-abandoned but actually it still works as a great display.  I like the taste of how its being rusted.   It will be great if these photos will share my point with you.

This was also my submission to Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness‘.

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バイロン・ベイから少し奥に行った、Coolamon Scenic Drive という道を運転中に遭遇したこのビンテージな車。錆び具合も素敵で(?はい、鋼鉄好きです)、思わず車を寄せて何枚か撮らせていただいちゃいました。楽しんでいただけたら幸いです。



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