2019 Tucson Gem Shows

Again, I was a little too excited at the fact that I was there and saw enormous gems, and I hence did not take a lot of photos at the show, but here we go!

A couple of notes, during the period of this show, it’s like entire Tucson became the show ground, many traders booked hotels to use the hotel rooms for exhibiting their rocks and stones.

Or exuberant dealers / sellers have sat their allocated booth in the huge panelized houses, which will take you hours and days to stroll through till the end.

I was very lucky to be there with the two ladies!  The lady on the left on the first photo, named Naoko Fujinami, is my master of crystals and she is the first disciple of JaneAnn Dow, the crystal reader & healer.  And since Naoko has friend networks with miners and dealers, I also have got a opportunity to meet / greet and talk with a few of them out of her friends.

I hope these photos share the joy how I was excited at being surrounded by rocks at the show.  🙂


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9 thoughts on “2019 Tucson Gem Shows

  1. Lots of rocks . . . I can read the excitement in your words. I don’t have the same connection to rocks (I just think they look nice and don’t attribute any other properties to them) but can appreciate the offerings.

    I should do a post on the various crystals and rocks I photographed at a museum in Hawaii . . . perhaps soon.

    1. I will look forward them Emilio! I think it is just enough to see rocks that inspires your sense or brings you just smile, that’s how we connect with living creatures on the planet, I think. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know there was so much interest in gems, Makiko. It was a very exciting visit for you.

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