The crystal grid of the period

This grid of rocks was placed in late October and left it unmoved until now.

I like rocks and minerals to collect and I like playing with them too.  I like making spontaneous grid with the stones picked up randomly.
This layout is one of them in which there are a couple of ‘unusuals’.

Unusual 1.  I have some rose quartz but I usually do not my first choice in playing.
However, for some reasons, I had got my head filled fully in rose quarts pink and gathered all rose quartz I have to place on the table.
I probably needed some graceful energy and rose quartz must be the best rocks holding those soft and graceful energy (in my opinion).

Unusual 2.  I generally keep the stone layouts for several days then deform them, but this one left my regular ‘rock spot’ in my lounge space over a month.

What impression do you have at them?

Do they click some sense in you?
Well, I feel the time to deform comes, I will finally start making a fresh layout with fresh mind tomorrow morning.
Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “The crystal grid of the period

  1. I don’t get an impression from them (not my nature) . . . I just like the symmetry of the design. The rocks are nice too.

    Wait . . . I get an impression of “flow” from right to left.

  2. Ah thats nice impression you have got! Thank you Emilio it’s exactly how i felt too!
    First i did not particularly designed so but it turned out to be the flow of gentle, graceful flow of energy/ love.

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