The Sprout 〜From a Reiki Session The Other Day〜

Hello beautiful souls!

I would like to show you today about the crystals I used for my client on the reiki session held the other day.

I love reiki and crystals in combo and I know that the client has an issue and is in the middle of tackling it so I wanted to have support for those ‘wise men’ rocks in my reiki energy as they amplify their strength against each other.

By the way, I often get image(s) in my reiki session.

Many of those images are quite abstracts but sometimes it is something embodied.

This time, I got one which is this…



Reiki session offering (for both face-to-face & remote)


45分 min A$60

60分 min A$90

90分 min A$120

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From Australia: TEL: +61(0)403 422 432


We are vulnerable but are resilient and Reiki session will assist you for your health and wellness. 💪

Thank you for stopping by.🙏🌈


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