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Today, I want to share the piece of art I drew from the image I got when I offered a reiki treatment session to a client.

The client is a very busy business woman and I often feel her body tense.

Every Reiki treatment session helps soothe the tension, but particularly at the time I imaged this, she released her tensions so that her mind sets a more relaxed state.

I am happy to get a time to draw this reflective artwork before I completely forgot. 🙂

This time, these wise beings (oh yes, they are rocks!) were my company for the art work.

I first got to know about Reiki back in 2013 in light of seeking the healing alternatives applying for my immune issue I suffered from at that time.

I clearly remember that the night I took the reiki session, I had a good sleep without interruption in the middle of the night (due to the symptom by my condition), which was the first night in years.

There were no further reasons needed to tell why I decided to learn the Reiki technique in 2015.  However, I did not get well enough of how limitless Reiki reaches out its potential for supporting the wellness of living things that Reiki sends the energy to.  I enjoyed using Reiki already but I only used the skills I learned to the limited opportunities.

7 years now, I regret that I did not utilize it for years because Reiki certainly assists our (including animals and plants) innate wellness tapping it to activate a self-healing system.

What is your remedy or golden rule to keep healthy?

Thank you for stopping by. 💕🌈

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