A piece of work of the day 16

The drawing work for the second piece has been done, and my impulse eagerness for drawing works to be done is settling down for now.  Well, this is sequel blog from the previous one.  🙂

It was a bit experimental work to be done for me, but I find that the work has a hint of frangipani behind the colouring, likely because frangipani flowers that I have with me which I had taken some of them seen as fallen on the ground.

And I made a face with all of the pieces placed beside me while I was working. 🙂


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A piece of work of the day 13

Since a couple of days ago, a sort of image flashed in my head and I urged to push it out.  So today was a kind of perfect day for it.  Outside was fair which was ok for a Sunday, but it was not that good because of that heavy wind blown all day and which annoyed me enough to get out.

…Ok, ‘something’ in my head was got out.

Not sure if the outcome was really after as I had imagined.

Not sure where this piece could mark as complete or could develop further.

The below is a snapshot of my work in progress.

A complete work has been uploaded on Facebook  and Instagram, so it will be more than appreciated if you could take additional seconds to quickly peek in!


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A piece of work of the day 10

I have had a second workshop of the year last night.

Wow, my creative side is getting more active at the time of 2017 is coming to end!  I found this great as it is being a good warm-up for making my 2018 art projects run with fair start.  next year.

I feel that I am back.  Yes, I feel that my energy is coming back really.

I wasn’t able to open a sketch book to draw something until sometime three or four months ago.   I didn’t want to set my pastels to draw.  I wasn’t excited at such a huge variety of colour charts that lined up in front me and pick up the best colour suiting my mood / vibration at the time to express.

Now I feel that I am back finally.

Workshop is always fun and leaves me something to learn which is great.  It is fun because even if participants followed my sample work at the beginning, the drawing motion drove them to tap to get their imagination and inspiration awaken and always ended up their unique beautiful piece.  It inspires me more to go.

Well, I regularly post my new arrival on MY Pastel By Macquie on Facebook or Instagram so it will be great if you peek in.  🙂

Evening workshop.
Pastel works by participants.
My sample drawings making two patterns with one same template.

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A piece of work of the day 9

A snapshot of my pastel drawing work I was done yesterday.  The image came to back of my head last week when I smelled at a custom blend essential oil for aroma therapy.

The oil called ‘Ho’oponopono’.

Ancient Hawaiian exercises the practice of forgiveness / reconciliation.

The scent was certainly brought me a relaxed and gentle feeling.  🙂

Well, to extend a bit about my pastel technique, it was my first time to draw turtles with pastel (or almost with anything to draw).  I would like to repeat a couple of more to draw about them better.  😉


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A piece of work of the day 7 – First workshop of 2017

Despite I am a qualified pastel art practitioner to open a class / workshop, I did not really make an opportunity for it this year (I have a lot of excuses why I was apart, but I will write about it another time).

So I really had a fun, good time yesterday with an attendee who came for my first workshop of the year.

She wants to make her greeting cards for her family and relatives overseas.  So prior to the workshop, I had asked a rough image or subject of what she wanted to draw before the session, then I drew prototypes by myself.  Those sample or prototypes are very helpful for those who do pastel works.  For her, it worked to elaborate her goal in clear image as to which color she wants to apply for here or there or on background et cetera.

This process is quite important for me, because as to whether she is happy with outcomes she makes in the end or not, will depend on how I capture what she wants.  For example, one of image she requested to make was Jakaranda bloom.  I used a few colors to mix to get the colors of petals, but the tone of the colors she imaged in her head (and see) and those that I produced wasn’t necessarily matching.  So I tried to make a different blend of colors to get to close to her image.

The photos below are my prototypes.   Her beautiful works can be seen from MY Pastel By Macquie.

She made really beautiful her own artworks for her greeting cards.  I am so happy to see her being happy with.

Yeah, I will have to come back to do more workshops to share this joy with more people :-).

She requested me to draw vegetables for closed relatives who are making vegetables.
Draft of jakaranda blooms. Can you see the difference between left bunch and the right in colors?

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A piece of work of the day 6

This time I tried Euphorbia pulcherrima (Christmas flower) for a greeting card.  I am not  crazy about Christmas itself but I like this flower and it kindly reminds me that festive season is approaching.  😉  For a complete piece can be viewed in here.

I usually start drawing straightway with a image that I have got in the head.   Sometimes it works out pretty well and sometimes it does not, and this time, it was latter.  I went through a quite bit of trials and error.  It could be better for next time, but for now, I am very glad to get this out.

It will be great to hear of your impressions / feedback, so please feel free to do so! 🙂

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A piece of work of the day 5

Frankly it was not my intent to make a Christmas card but it ended like that more or less.

I generally use my finger (s) and cotton pads for the pastel drawing, and with simple templates which I also make.  As I stroke my finger(s) over the paper to draw, my pastel art naturally forms something more round shapes.

This could develop more, but I am happy with the result for now. 🙂

Some of works can be seen via MY Pastel By Macquie so please stop by!

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A piece of work of the day 4

Here is a card I just drew for my friend who will get her birthday just around the corner.

Recently she has got something she was rebuffed, which she has to veer her life plan drastically.

She’s getting to accept the face sitting in front of her, but it was very hard to do, I believe.

Someone once had told me that troubles or all unpleasant incidents bringing to me is gifts that make you grow-up / resilient / stronger.

I will agree with the idea.  I wasn’t able to drive my thought toward the way but now I can.  And I believe she will expand herself to the growth from the gift.

Ok, time to be back on card to put on birthday message, with full basket of love. 🙂

Happy Happy Birthday dear my friend.  🙂

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