A piece of work of the day 36 ~ Bleu

Another patchwork for the birthday card for friend who loves Bleu and Shiraz.

The two are very different in nature and are uniquely beautiful. I used Bleu for the model of the patchwork likely because his moon face was easy to modeling. šŸ™‚

Shiraz (left) and Bleu

The both turned 15 years old this year. I will write about it on another blog.



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Full Moon of the month

Captured last night.Ā  Sydney weather was not that good yesterday so I wasn’t expecting her appeared in the evening.Ā  Photographing moon is another challenge for me always.Ā  I eventually did about 90 clicks and turned out five kept at the end.Ā  The below are top 2.Ā  I like the first one particularly just because of the hazy moonlight glow.

Oh my naughty Bleu made a posture looking up, as if he was going to be howling toward the moon.Ā  šŸ˜‰

He will be turning to age of thirteen this weekend.Ā  He had been suffering from eczema which likely came from allergy and he had to wear the collar for months.Ā  So IĀ  completely stop feeding him the food which contained chicken (including all chicken products and bi-products) then he finally was released from the collar.

Bleu, mummy is very happy for you having your birthday with no collar on.Ā  DSC_3543 (1)DSC_3538 (1)IMG_0944 (1)

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The eye of my masters

Because someone had said to me, ‘You have two masters at home’, I will accept my position as not the owner of them but the ‘staff’ of them to take care.Ā  šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I recently have got lens extension kit for smart phone and I started playing with it a bit.Ā  These were taken with a lens for macro shot.

Some of you must have found that they were a little annoyed with me.Ā  Sorry for bothering you, master. x-)

By the way, let me quickly introduce them to you, the gray one named Bleu (boy), and the black one called Shiraz (girl).

The lenses are fun but with my skills, I do need playing with them quite hard.Ā  It is (of course) a full manual including focus set.Ā  I now truly appreciate auto-focus function!


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