Weekly Photo Challenge (Final): All-Time Favorites

It is very disappointing that there is no more Weekly Photo Challenge open because it has been a great opportunity and community for me to keep up my motivation and see great posts contributed by other participants.

Here are my last submission.  These represent my all-time favorites .

I live in Sydney and I do love the view of Sydney particularly at sunrise and sunset.  Well, every cities must be beautiful in these hours, but to me, Sydney is one of most picturesque cities in the world.

I appreciate my lucky to live in here also because it is close to nature.  They have beaches and many bushes and mountains to walk and hike.  There are many Australian unique wild creatures and vegetation seen in there.

And on top, my lovely two fellas; Bleu and Shiraz.  The pair have been great companions / family who ‘talk’ a lot, sleep a lot, and bring me and mate laugh a lot.

Thank you very much for Daily Post community for all your time and works giving us these great motivation every day and week.  I hope one day this will open again to get this community back.

DSC_5494DSC_6913IMG_8112Version 2

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

When I feel myself needing more vitamins or feel myself a bit dull, I exercise 1-day fasting with glasses of juice.  It is easy to take vegetables and fruits by liquidizing them if you want to take a lot with a variety, rather than to eat them as salads or so.

Here I took a snapshot of ‘before / after’ of them transformed from solid substances to liquid.  🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

The theme for this week’s challenge is difficult, but is a good chance to look at myself in terms of where is my place in the world.

I was born and had spent all my life in Tokyo until I moved into Sydney.  Tokyo is still the place where I attach and I make regular visits even now.  I still have some favours to some parts of Tokyo for sure.

I however have a complex view to Tokyo also, and when I look at them, I get another name of the place back of my head.

It is Fukushima.

The name of the place became famous due to the accident at nuclear plant.  They have been producing energy for other regions / prefectures and Tokyo is of course one of the top consumers of them.  People in Fukushima had to abandon their home when the accident happened and some of them are yet to be back even now.  We are still rely on them for electricity without developing fundamental changes in infrastructure to replace in producing energy. My (or our for all the people there) safety / security in Tokyo comes at expense of them.

I am not going to rant about politics / government of Japan in here, but I hope we all stare at the fact that Fukushima is not over.  Well, it is common subject for urban life that that their life are consisted of sacrifice of other places and locals for power supply, but with full of respect and thanks, I hope the life of Fukushima and its recovery process will be continued to ease them from sufferings.

On closing, I would leave photos of which I took at the view deck of Haneda International Airport, Tokyo.


By the way, Sydney is my current home I would say.  🙂

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Hana and Hanako (Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely)

On that day, I met two lovely animals at Yoyogi Park, a large parkland (540,530 square meters) locating in urban area in Tokyo.

One was a french bulldog, called Hana. She is the dog of my friend’s, and I had a good catch-up with them at the park.

Then I met another beautiful yet the unlikely one to see nearby in the park. His name was Hanako. Why he was unusual was because, he was the monkey from Africa banning the export to overseas, and you hence will rarely see the breed in Japan (to be fair for the owner, Hanako came to him before the import was banned).

Hanako was unusual also for its name because Hanako was a name for female in Japan, while, that Hanako was man (not even a boy for his age ;-)).

Anyway, the both Hanas were as relaxed as their owners were and I found of them a kind of lucky to have the big park (with full of green) nearby on their living area.

Here are some photos of them.

Happy Hana smiling all the timeHanako the 40 years old man from AfricaHana loves and is good at playing soccers.Hanako begging to his owner’s friend

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Urban sunset.

I want to see sun rise/set at somewhere open space, but that is made possible mostly  when you ‘plan’ to do, a kind of.  Or you will have to satisfy yourself to view them in a limited sky or space framed by buildings and architectures.  You may be blocked by something moving objects.

These were photographed at Harbour Bridge, Sydney.

Busy traffic with many cars, busy public transports carry massive amount of passengers packed in their carriage.  On the side, another number of cyclists crossing each other on the cycle path along with main road on the bridge.   On the other side of the path, another group of health conscious people running / jogging / walking as having earphones put on their ears.

All was busy in that afternoon likewise, but behind all that scenes, the sun was making the subtle but gorgeous set-in show for closing the day.

Good bye for today and I will look forward seeing you again in tomorrow morning.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

There are several spots I call them ‘my favorite place‘, but Cremorne Point Reserve, Sydney, will be one of the top of them.

I go to the place at sunrise and sunset, in the morning and afternoon.  I see Sydney city straight from the point and I have seen them so many times, but I have never got bored as they are showing me different gorgeousness each time I see.

The Reserve has walking path which enables you to enjoy views both on Sydney city side and on inlet of north shore.  It is also great to switch on/off my head.

Sun came up over Robertsons Pt Light.
Sydney city taking early morning sunlight.
A Sydney ferry approaching to Cremorne Point Wharf.
Sydney city at sunset.  It is when city gets turning to goth mode.
Bottom of Robertsons Pt Light is popular point for early morning fishermen and seagulls.
The opposite side of city view.  It is quiet and is hidden goodness.

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