A piece of work of the day 15

Today I am eager to draw away at least 2 pieces.

First one is a kind of re-drawing work of an image I had done for my friend.

The re-drawn work named ‘Divine Plumes 2’ has been uploaded in here.

Now am just starting on second image to draw.  I don’t know what exactly I want to push out but probably a little experimental mandala.  I will update once it is done, which will be 16.  🙂

Fallen frangipani flowers which I picked up at a street a couple of days ago on my morning walk helps me pumping imagination.

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A piece of work of the day 13

Since a couple of days ago, a sort of image flashed in my head and I urged to push it out.  So today was a kind of perfect day for it.  Outside was fair which was ok for a Sunday, but it was not that good because of that heavy wind blown all day and which annoyed me enough to get out.

…Ok, ‘something’ in my head was got out.

Not sure if the outcome was really after as I had imagined.

Not sure where this piece could mark as complete or could develop further.

The below is a snapshot of my work in progress.

A complete work has been uploaded on Facebook  and Instagram, so it will be more than appreciated if you could take additional seconds to quickly peek in!


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A piece of work of the day 12

New arrival on today.

As always, no clear subject or theme present in my head as to what to draw, but some sense had me made this.  The below is a snapshot of developing the work.

A complete one is posted on my Instagram account and will be shared on my Facebook page too.

Despite my vague head and abstract work produced, I am still very happy as it was out of my head and hands.  🙂

Assembling my vague image in the head is in progress..

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A piece of work of the day 5

Frankly it was not my intent to make a Christmas card but it ended like that more or less.

I generally use my finger (s) and cotton pads for the pastel drawing, and with simple templates which I also make.  As I stroke my finger(s) over the paper to draw, my pastel art naturally forms something more round shapes.

This could develop more, but I am happy with the result for now. 🙂

Some of works can be seen via MY Pastel By Macquie so please stop by!

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A piece of work of the day 4

Here is a card I just drew for my friend who will get her birthday just around the corner.

Recently she has got something she was rebuffed, which she has to veer her life plan drastically.

She’s getting to accept the face sitting in front of her, but it was very hard to do, I believe.

Someone once had told me that troubles or all unpleasant incidents bringing to me is gifts that make you grow-up / resilient / stronger.

I will agree with the idea.  I wasn’t able to drive my thought toward the way but now I can.  And I believe she will expand herself to the growth from the gift.

Ok, time to be back on card to put on birthday message, with full basket of love. 🙂

Happy Happy Birthday dear my friend.  🙂

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A piece of work of the day 1

I took my Sunday afternoon for drawing a piece of mandala art.  As always, drawing / painting set me really focusing and making me feel great.

Some small works can be seen from below.


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