Tokyo Station at night

I managed it doing some night photography in Tokyo a night before I left for return to Sydney.

Here is Tokyo Station, Marunouchi Exit side.  Tokyo Station has two main exits; Marunouchi, and Yaesu.  The each side is very different and I like Marunouchi side better simply due to this classic architecture built in 1915.  It is annexed to a hotel business on upper floors.

I came to photograph this classic architecture a year ago and caught some shots, but at that time there were some re-construction works underway in front of this station building and the construction curtains also covered a part of the building.  It’s why I was glad to be back to the spot again.

Well, the construction was finished, but there were still another bunch of tents installed in front of the building (see below).  Looked like they were for some events to commence at small garden space in front of the building.  I must have got no chance to see utterly full view of the building with zero visual obstacles.  😉

Being so, the station building was still beautiful at night.  I hope you enjoy them too.  🙂

Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Exit in front.
Looking station building toward the South Exit
Captured some lights at Marunouchi Exit

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Catching evening light

It’s been a while since I had fun with catching light trails, so I played with light at the spot in Sydney city several days ago for the first time.

I have to admit that the lines of light trails I caught here were not great.  I kind of know that the lines are displayed in various patterns by multiple conditions put together on the moments that the shot was caught.  Of course my photography skill is prerequisite.

I often ignore camera settings but photograph with feelings.  I will have to be a bit more analytical to improve my skills.  :p

Well, for now, this is what turned out.  🙂   I will be flying to Japan soon but I will definitely be back to this spot to play with lights when I am back to Sydney.

That night, I certainly had fun with capturing light trails.  It certainly brought me thrills  :-).


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