View at Point Danger

I did not think that i really enjoyed taking shoreline photos at Point Danger; the headland locating at the south end of Queensland state.

Here are collections of which I particularly like for the way how waves were caught by long exposures.


Did you find any one of which caught your eyes? 🙂

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Out of my recent night photography

I don’t know why, but I can not kick my bum to get up early for morning photography.

Here Sydney is in the middle of winter season, it is perfect to do sunrise photography as it comes up rather late, right?

I don’t know why, but I can not take extra half hour for evening photography after work or weekends.

Here Sydney is in the middle of winter season, so it is perfect to do sunset photography as it sets down rather early, right?

Am I facing motivation issue?


Am I getting old and tired?

Well perhaps…..

So I tried to hitch myself up for it no matter what, and I did some night photography at Darling Harbour, Sydney, after work.

It was good choice because I do not like Darling Harbour and I hence do not head over usually, which means, I rarely took shots of it and there are plenty of challenges to take or try things.

A little confession here, that eventually I took three consecutive nights in a row to photograph at the same spots at Darling Harbour.

Why, because I was shocked at the quality of those I had photographed on my first evening, then I went back on the next evening.  The shots on second night were slightly better than first night, but still some were not good.

The third time’s the charm.  The photos taken at third night was somehow satisfiable.  Same time, I was feeling comfortable at myself having some focused time with photography.  And, I found myself that I have never had motivation issue (but I still don’t know what made me sluggish then).

Anyway, please let me share some of them out of the struggled three nights in shooting.  🙂


Retired monorail station and Centre Point in background.
Busy traffic for commute
Busy traffic ahead of monorail station


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Photos in front of a local Milk bar in Sydney

Olympia Milk Bar was city’s the oldest yet iconic milk bar in Sydney, and was closed down last year.

Myself had not been there for enjoying their serving coffee or milkshakes, but the other night I chosen them for my quick photography spot to do some long exposure.

In front of the shop was a bus stop, and I was standing and watching the shop across the road.  Then I found it fun to train my lens toward the shop because one single spot showed me many little stories performed by people waiting for buses and by buses and cars passed by.

Here are some of them I took there.  I hope I could share with you how I had fun shooting time in that evening.


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The moon and Vivid Sydney 2018

Vidid Sydney 2018 opened up this year celebrating their 10th anniversary.

I am not that big fan of Vivid simply due to the festival, which runs a little too long (three weeks?) and which hence makes me feel at them a kind of light pollution (sorry for those who love and look forward Vivid every winter).  However, if some nights were on the period where the moon became full circle, it gave me a perfect motivation to night out into glowed and crowded Sydney.  Two nights later, I set tripod at a spot where lets me take Sydney iconic architectures in straight look.  This spot was off-the-vivid area, but it was enough for me to feel festive vibe from a bit afar.

I do not know if I take more occasions for photographing Vivid this winter, I would like to share some of photos I took on the two nights…

Headed to Circular Quay by ferry.  Photographing on the ferry is always hard….
The moon always disappeared when I trained my camera at her. 
The clouds finally went aside to show me the moon.
Bruce Point Reserve makes me possible to see the bridge and Opera House in straight line.  

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Which photograph do you like better?

These two were photographed at Hyde Park in Sydney.  I went to this particular spot in the park 3 times in 2 weeks because I struggled with determining the composition, which I had not even thought about it.  I just had a rough image in my head as to what I would capture, so I stopped by the spot one clear evening after work.  I had my camera but I did not have tripod.

Once I checked the all photos I took at home, I found that they were all under satisfactory quality, most of which were caught unstable or inconsiderate angles.

So, I returned to the spot in my earliest possible evening to do, which was a week after from my first shooting.  This time I did not forget my tripod to bring with, and I took number of photos with no worry about image stability.

I loaded all the photos I took at home and checked them, then, I realized that every single shot missed something.  For example, one did not have enough background (sky) as space so Sydney Tower looked stuck and tight on the top, while, another one chopped off the fountain hence total balance was lost in the image, etc, etc….

I was urged to be back next day, but it was raining and further to the next day I had another plan to do, so I had to wait until another free evening to have clear sky back on.

Well, third time, I had my camera (ticked), I had my tripod (ticked), and I also carried another spare lens at the spot.  Actually the spare one ended up to make me satisfied for taking the scene.

Voila, these were the best two of the spot after I visited three times (or I’d say, so far?).  🙂

There is one more question leaves me, that is which shot looks better?  For this one, I would like to have a help of you.  🙂

Well, I can hear you saying ‘It depends on what did you intended to capture’.

Of course that is.

But, I am still curious about your reaction / response in terms of which image you like it (or to say, comfort you), because these two should give you a little different impression though they shot at only 2 meters distance each other, so…

Your feedback is appreciated. 🙂


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Tokyo Station at night

I managed it doing some night photography in Tokyo a night before I left for return to Sydney.

Here is Tokyo Station, Marunouchi Exit side.  Tokyo Station has two main exits; Marunouchi, and Yaesu.  The each side is very different and I like Marunouchi side better simply due to this classic architecture built in 1915.  It is annexed to a hotel business on upper floors.

I came to photograph this classic architecture a year ago and caught some shots, but at that time there were some re-construction works underway in front of this station building and the construction curtains also covered a part of the building.  It’s why I was glad to be back to the spot again.

Well, the construction was finished, but there were still another bunch of tents installed in front of the building (see below).  Looked like they were for some events to commence at small garden space in front of the building.  I must have got no chance to see utterly full view of the building with zero visual obstacles.  😉

Being so, the station building was still beautiful at night.  I hope you enjoy them too.  🙂

Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Exit in front.
Looking station building toward the South Exit
Captured some lights at Marunouchi Exit

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Catching evening light 2

When I go to Tokyo, catching sunrise / sunset is somehow a bit harder (just) for me as a subject, and catching lights are a bit easier.

Here are photographs out of which I caught in one early evening at Shinjuku. I’m glad to be able to tick off a name in my ‘list of spots to photograph’.

Being said, I hope to be back there once again in a little earlier time which I expect some afternoon light will dye the background in orange / gold. I am not sure if I can make a time for, or the name of the spot will be left on my list without tick. 😉

Anyway, I will close this post for now as it will make no sense to continue writing with unreasonable concern.

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Catching evening light

It’s been a while since I had fun with catching light trails, so I played with light at the spot in Sydney city several days ago for the first time.

I have to admit that the lines of light trails I caught here were not great.  I kind of know that the lines are displayed in various patterns by multiple conditions put together on the moments that the shot was caught.  Of course my photography skill is prerequisite.

I often ignore camera settings but photograph with feelings.  I will have to be a bit more analytical to improve my skills.  :p

Well, for now, this is what turned out.  🙂   I will be flying to Japan soon but I will definitely be back to this spot to play with lights when I am back to Sydney.

That night, I certainly had fun with capturing light trails.  It certainly brought me thrills  :-).


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Coastal blue

I would like to share a couple of images I photographed a couple of months ago.  At that day I had an early appointment near Bondi first in the morning.  I could have left the area after the appointment but I checked my time and found that I could squash short photography time before getting out.  So I did so quickly along Bondi Coastal Walk.

It was same coastal walk that I had taken while ago, but this time I caught in different angles.

It was a little rushed but I had fun enough, and it was nice little memory of summer.

Coast wind sometimes made me hard to stand still.
The water at Tamarama area is my favourite in color which are in blue and emerald.


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